Monday, October 24, 2011

Bratari textile

              Bratara textila , din panza si dantela, vopsite manual, pe suport din fetru, se inchide cu doua capse metalice. Partea din fata reprezinta o frunza de toamna, si este cusuta pe etamina , pusa in evidenta de o rozenta de tulle negru.                        

    It's a fabric bracelet,  cotton and lace, handpainted to obtain unique colours. In front there is an autumn leaf sewed by me and i hope you'll like it. The second bracelet is also painted , and you can see the different colours of the lace, from white pink to blue.

   Cea de-a doua bratara este, de asemenea din textil si dantela, din bumbac, ambele vopsite manual pentru a obtine nuante unice , se prinde prin doua capse metalice.

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